CCTV Surveillance, Wireless, Biometric Specialist

We provide the following services & products

Wireless / Wired CCTV Surveillance Solution :

Supply and installation of CCTV surveillance camera solution (wired or wireless), including indoor, outdoor, day, night, wireless cameras, pan-tilt cameras, Digital Video Recorder (DVR) , NVR , IP cameras, POE Switches and anti-car vandal cameras. Our solution enables the users to
see/hear what the cameras see/hear LIVE over the Internet, and to record video/audio digitally for surveillance purpose.

Door Access Solution : Supply and installation of Card/Pin Door Access or Fingerprint Biometric Access system suitable for offices, schools and factories.

Security Alarm System : Supply and installation of Wired or Wireless Alarm system suitable for residential, offices, buildings and factories.

PABX for SOHO & SME : Supply & installation of PABX system suitable forSOHO & SME. Models include 3 CO lines and 8 extensions, or 4 CO lines and 16 extensions.

For our corporate clients, we also offer the following consultancy services :

Surveillance Consultancy : We can help you identify your security & surveillance requirement, draft the technical specifications for the call for quotation or tender, conduct vendor briefing, all the way to overall project management to ensure smooth completion of the project by the vendor who is awarded the project.

Video Analytics Solution : Use the latest emerging technology of video analytics to improve your security level without increasing man power cost. Ideal for intrusion detection, object removal and unattended object detection, PTZ autonomous tracking.

Customization of Security Systems :We have the technical capability to customize various security solutions to meet your requirement. Cost of customization is dependent on complexity of the project.

Past customized projects include Mobile CCTV system, outdoor battery operated surveillance system, etc.

For any enquiry, Please contact us so that we can work together to address your needs.